We are currently doing the following fundraisers to raise money for the new craft hut and to support camper bursaries. We believe that all youth in our community should have the opportunity to experience summer camp! 

Firewood Fundraiser

We have partnered with the Rotary Club of Kelowna Ogopogo to sell firewood. Stay tuned for more information in the spring. 

Bottle Fundraiser

We are doing an ongoing bottle drive fundraiser to raise funds for the camp. This is a super easy way to support Camp OAC with very little effort required. The instructions are: 

1. Collect your recyclying in a clear bag. The recycling can be mixed however it should only contain items that have a paid deposit. 

2. Return your recyling bags to any Express it location. They are adding more locations on an on-going basis. If your community doesn't have an express location then you will be unable to participate in this program. 

Here is a map of all the express return locations - Click Here!

3. At the bottle depot, you will find either an express return kiosk or you will be asked to bring the bags to the regular counter. At the kiosk, you will be asked to input the account number and to identify how many labels you need. The account number is the camp's phone number (778 803 7719) and the number of labels required is based on how many bags of recycling that you have. Each bag needs to have a label. If the location doesn't have a kiosk then you will need to go up to the counter and provide them with the account number. They will then print out the labels for you. 

4. The bottle depot will then update the OAC account within 10 days with the funds. These funds will be used to directly support the camp. 

A few requirements:

- You can only drop off 6 bags per individual visit. 

- The bags must be clear

- No more than 12 glass bottles per bag. 

- No waste or non deposit recyclabes can be in the bags. 

If we don't follow all of the listed requirements then the account can be flagged and potentially closed. 

Check out the Express tips - Click Here!

Check out the FAQ - Click Here!