2021 Camp Owaissi

I would like to start by expressing my gratitude and appreciation for everyone's patience as we work to organize a plan for camp this summer.

Here is an update on where we're at:

1. We have confirmed our overnight camp schedule for this summer. The schedule is:

Monday July 5th to Friday July 9th (Intermediate - Week 1)
Monday July 12th to Friday July 16th (Junior - Week 2)
Monday July 19th to Friday July 23rd (Intermediate - Week 3)
Monday July 26th to Friday July 30th (Junior - Week 4)
Tuesday August 3rd to Friday August 6th (Intermediate - Week 5)
Monday August 9th to Friday August 13th (Junior - Week 6)
Monday August 16th to Friday August 20th (Teen - Week 7)

Junior - Ages 7 to 11
Intermediate - Ages 9 to 13
Teen - Ages 12 +

The drop off time is Monday morning at 8.30am and pick up time is Friday afternoon at 3pm. We are likely going to be having a longer window for drop off/pick up this year to accommodate the additional restrictions. We will communicate these changes as soon as possible.
*The drop off time for Week 5 will be Tuesday morning at 8.30am *

2. We have launched our day camp schedule for this summer. We will be running day camps on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's. The timing is 8,30am to 4.30pm on Tuesday/Wednesday and 8.30am to 8.30pm on Thursday.

The schedule is:
July 6th to 8th (Intermediate - Week 1)
July 13th to 15th (Junior - Week 2)
July 20th to 22nd (Intermediate - Week 3)
July 27th to 29th (Junior - Week 4)
August 3rd to 5th (Intermediate - Week 5)
August 10th to 12th (Junior - Week 6)

This year, registration for day camps will be done by the week rather than by the day. We do have limited day camp capacity so please register as soon as possible.

3. We need junior volunteers to assist with the running of Camp Owaissi this summer. We accept junior volunteers between the ages of 13 and 16.
We have a variety of volunteer positions that are available. The volunteer positions include:

Junior Cabin Leaders, work alongside a senior cabin leader to assist with looking after campers

Program Assistant, work alongside the program team to assist with running various sessions.

Kitchen Assistant, work alongside the kitchen team to assist with tasks such as meal prep, dishes and serving.

If you are interested in volunteering then please email director@campoac.com

4. We are looking for a few camp nurses to help at Camp Owaissi this summer. If you are available, please email director@campoac.com



A few things to note:

1. Our registration system will ask you to create an account if you don't already have one. This means more work this year but in future years, all you need to do is sign in and all the information will be saved from the previous year! 

2. You can purchase merchandise directly in the registration process. Don't miss out on that cool Owaissi shirt or sweater! 

3. Password release - Parents/Guardians will be asked to create a secret password with their camper. This password will be an extra layer of security for camper pick up. 

4. Payment will be accepted directly through the registration process. The options for payment include credit card, e-check (pay directly from your bank account), and via cheque. Please note that e-check is basically like writing a cheque but it saves you from needing to mail it in. To pay by e-check, select online payment then click on e-check as the option. 

5. All information can be updated directly in your own account. If an emergency contact or the pick up person changes, simply log into your account and change the info! 

6. As you register, you will see the option to donate to Camp Owaissi. Please consider making a donation if you are able to. This money will help to ensure that everyone can experience all that Camp Owaissi has to offer. As our costs increase, we are committed to ensuring that Camp Owaissi is affordable for everyone. 

If you have any problems when registering, reach out to the director at director@campoac.com.