2021 Camp Owaissi 

Hello Camp Owaissi Community!

We know the last year has brought more challenges than we could have ever imagined but brighter days are ahead. We have been overwhelmed with the positivity and support that Owaissi has received from our incredible community. While last year was Owaissi’s 70th anniversary, it certainly wasn’t what we expected when we started the planning process in the fall of 2019. It instead brought a summer full of challenges and most importantly an opportunity to provide youth in our community with an incredible day camp experience. During the summer of 2020, we welcomed over 250 different youth to Owaissi for a faith based unplugged and unforgettable experience in nature that most importantly gave them the opportunity to be kids. 

While the summer of 2021 is still filled with uncertainty, Camp Owaissi is moving forward with plans to provide an amazing summer camp experience. Camp Owaissi has always been about providing a place for youth to learn about faith, meet new people, try new activities, experience nature and to most importantly be themselves. We believe this objective is more important than before and that’s why we are doing everything we can to ensure that this experience can happen once again this summer. With public health orders and directives changing regularly, we will work with the public health office to make decisions that are best for the campers and staff. 

Registration is now open for the summer of 2021 with some noticeable changes from previous years. We wanted to open up our registration as we normally would to provide our community with the ability to plan ahead for the upcoming summer. We also wanted to provide hope in the form of something that we can all look forward to. We are taking a different approach to our registration with everything outlined below. 


Is it going to be day or overnight camp?

Unfortunately we don’t know at this time. We are making plans that will allow us to operate in either format

When will you know if it will be day or overnight camp?

We don’t have a specific date however we expect that we will know in the spring. Last year it was towards the end of May that our revised guidelines were released by the Province however we expect it to be earlier this year. Once we have information then we will pass it along right away. 

Will there definitely be day camp?

We can’t promise day camp however in the event that we can’t run overnight camp we will most likely switch to a day camp format. If running day camps isn’t recommended either then we will unfortunately have to close Owaissi for the year. 

What am I signing up for?

At this time we are asking people to sign up for the week that they might be interested in. We’ve structured the camp schedule in our traditional format with some weeks being for junior campers, others for intermediate and then our final teen camp. These age restrictions are based on Owaissi operating as an overnight camp experience. If we are unable to operate as an overnight camp then we will hopefully switch to a day camp format instead. If we operate as a day camp then we might increase the ages that are welcome to attend each week. 

What’s the difference between day camp and overnight camp?

Day camp and overnight camp are both filled with the same incredible Owaissi experience. The main difference is that with overnight camp the campers get dropped off on a Monday morning and picked up on a Friday afternoon. With day camps, the campers get dropped off and picked up on each of the days. The activities that the campers participate in are similar and the experience is AWESOME as always! 

Could you provide more details on the day camp and overnight camp experience?

At this time we are still working out the details for the upcoming summer. Our programming team has lots planned for the summer that we will release in the next few weeks. 

What do you want us to do?

Register! Head to our website (campoac.com) and select register at the top. This will take you through to our registration system where you can sign up for the week or weeks that you would like your camper to attend. Please fill in all the information on the camper as normal. We’ve added a few questions about your preference for the summer which well help to guide our decisions. 

How much do I pay now?

Nothing! We are opening up registration with no cost to hold a space. We know that many of our families are facing financial uncertainty and we don’t want to collect any camper fees until we know how we can operate.

When will the camp fees be due?

The earliest date that camp fees will be due is May 1st. This date will be pushed back if we don’t know how we can operate however we will provide at least 14 days notice of the revised date. For example, if we are told how we can operate on May 6th and we let everyone know on May 8th then fees would be due on May 22nd. 

What are the fees to attend camp?

Overnight camp will cost $345 to $365 per week. Day camp will cost $50 to $70 per day depending on the length of day

Will a financial assistance program be available? 

The past year has been difficult for Camp Owaissi and for many of it’s families. We understand that some families are struggling financially and we will do all that we can to support every camper that wants to attend Owaissi. To contribute to the Owaissi bursary fund and to inquire about financial assistance, please contact the camp director at [email protected]

What happens when you determine if it will be overnight or day camp?

We will send out information as soon as possible once the plans have been approved by the board of directors. If you registered to attend the week then we will let you know how it will be operating and the cost associated with it. If you are happy with it then we would ask you to log into your account and pay the camp fees. If you are wanting to change weeks then we would provide instructions to assist with this. If you are no longer interested then we would ask you to let us know and we will cancel the registration for you. 

What if I register to attend now but can’t attend once the plans have been finalized? 

We will cancel the registration at no cost to you. We would look forward to seeing you at Owaissi in 2022! 

What if Camp Owaissi has to operate at a reduced capacity?

If we have to operate at a reduced capacity, we will do our best to accomodate all registrations however we will priortize based on when the registration was received. We don't want anyone to miss out on camp so please register early to secure a spot! 

What are the long term plans for Owaissi?

We are committed to running Camp Owaissi as an overnight summer camp for years to come. Last year showed us that Owaissi is a great place to run a day camp and we are certainly looking into running both together in the future. 

What about Owaissi merchandise?

We are excited to have a new line of merchandise that is available. You can purchase the merchandise when you register or at drop off/pick up at Owaissi. 


A few things to note:

1. Our registration system will ask you to create an account if you don't already have one. This means more work this year but in future years, all you need to do is sign in and all the information will be saved from the previous year! 

2. You can purchase merchandise directly in the registration process. Don't miss out on that cool Owaissi shirt or sweater! 

3. Password release - Parents/Guardians will be asked to create a secret password with their camper. This password will be an extra layer of security for camper pick up. 

4. Payment will be accepted directly through the registration process. The options for payment include credit card, e-check (pay directly from your bank account), and via cheque. Please note that e-check is basically like writing a cheque but it saves you from needing to mail it in. To pay by e-check, select online payment then click on e-check as the option. 

5. All information can be updated directly in your own account. If an emergency contact or the pick up person changes, simply log into your account and change the info! 

6. As you register, you will see the option to donate to Camp Owaissi. Please consider making a donation if you are able to. This money will help to ensure that everyone can experience all that Camp Owaissi has to offer. As our costs increase, we are committed to ensuring that Camp Owaissi is affordable for everyone. 

If you have any problems when registering, reach out to the director at [email protected]