Camp Owaissi is looking to fill the following volunteer positions at Camp Owaissi. These include:

Junior Cabin Leaders/Counsellors

Junior cabin leaders/counesllors (JC) work with a senior cabin leader to supervise the well being of campers in their cabin. The JC is responsible for looking after the campers while following the directions of their senior cabin leader and the other support staff. JC's get to experience all the activities at camp while making new connections that they will cherish forever. This position also counts for volunteer credit.

All JC's are encouraged to attend Spirit Day on May 25th. Spirit Day provides potential JC's with the opportunity to learn more about Camp Owaissi and what is involved when volunteering. Spirit Day also gives the staff an opportunity to observe the potential JC's and to evaluate them.

JC's that are accepted to volunteer at Camp will then be asked to sign up for Leadership Camp. This camp will provide all the training necessary to volunteer at Camp Owaissi for the summer. This camp goes through a range of policies and procedures while developing leadership skills. 

The application form and job description are available below. Please return the application to the camp director at [email protected] The application deadline is May 19th.

Camp Nurses

Camp Owaissi is looking for qualified medical professionals to volunteer for a week of camp nursing over the summer. The qualifications for this position include being one of the following :

- RN

- LN (LPN)

- Paramedic

To apply or for more information, please contact the camp director at [email protected]

Camp Parents/Kitchen Assistants

Camp Owaissi is looking for individuals that are interested in helping out at Camp Owaissi for a week during the summer. Responsiblities include the following:

- Looking after homesick campers

- Assisting the nurse or kitchen staff

- Participating in activities 

- Providing guidance and assistance to campers or staff

To volunteer or for more information, please contact the camp director at [email protected]