Every camper and staff that was onsite this week has been safely evacuated from camp as of last night. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and connected with us. We appreciate your support as we navigated a challenging situation. 


As many of you are closely watching the fire situation, we watch alongside you with uncertainty. We do believe there to be significant damage to the camp however we will not know the severity until the fire crews are able to assess the situation. At this time their focus is on ensuring people are safe, and we will continue to pray for all those affected, and hope you will keep us in your prayers as well. We extend our gratitude to the emergency services that are working tirelessly to protect our community.


We are unbelievably proud of our staff and campers who allowed us to have an incredible summer, and continued to uplift spirits as we were evacuating. We thank those who were instrumental in ensuring everyone was safe and thank the community support we have received. 


We hope and pray for everyones safety. The Camp OAC community will continue to be strong and resilient, we will rebuild when the time comes.