Camp Owaissi will be hosting a special service on October 4th to celebrate the camp's 70th Anniversary. The services will be led by Bishop Lynne McNaughton at the camp with the first at 2pm and the second at 4pm. October 4th is St Francis day and therefore a celebration of creation. We are also encouraging everyone to bring their dogs for a special pet blessing. After the short service, there will be an update on the camp followed by tree planting. We are encouraging everyone in attendance to plant a tree to celebrate 70 years of camping at Camp Owaissi. The trees will be provided by donation with all funds going towards the new craft hut. Camp Owaissi is also burying a time capsule that will be uncovered on the 100th anniversary of the camp. We would invite everyone to bring a small item for the time capsule which could be a picture of themselves or a note. After the service and tree planting, we would encourage you to look around the camp and learn about the plans for the future of the camp. 
Important Information - 
1. The camp address is 2411 Westside Place. 
2. There will be strict Covid-19 protocols in place. Physical distancing will be enforced. A strict capacity is in place as well. 
3. To register, please email Please include the following information - which service you will be attending, how many people will be attending in your group, the name and phone number of each person attending in your group.
4. Trees and soil will be provided however if you can bring your own shovel that will help to ensure we have enough supplies for everyone in attendance.