From cabin leader to sports director to program coordinator, this camp manager has done it all! Ian fell in love with Camp Owaissi 4 years ago and is very excited to bring new and creative ideas to camp! You can find Ian pretending to be a whale in the water or making himself a cup of tea. He can’t wait to meet the new campers and see campers from last year again!


Roxanne is excited for her first year at camp as program coordinator!  You'll often find her hiking, making music, doing art, playing games and hula hooping. She can't wait to join in on all the fun that Camp Owaissi has to offer and create a memorable summer for staff and campers alike.

From camper, to volunteer, to employee, Willa is excited to work her 7th consecutive year at Camp Owaissi. Returning as the Sports & Adventure Leader, she is looking forward to sharing her passion for being active while making memories that last a lifetime. Willa enjoys playing guitar at campfire, devouring tasty camp meals, and shooting a bullseye in archery. Beware of groan-worthy jokes!

He’s bigger, he’s better, he’s too much for the lifeguard role to handle, Hello and welcome back the new waterfront director, Solomon! Sol’s back for his seventh year at camp and he’s ready to help make it an unplugged and unforgettable summer!

Teaghan is looking forward to spending her fourth summer at camp as the lifeguard. She’s hoping to get to spend lots of time out on the water and in the sunshine. She can’t wait to see all the campers new and old and start plenty of water fights. If she’s not out on the water, you can probably find her in the kitchen looking for her next snack.

Jenelle is ecstatic to be back at camp for her 11th summer. Jenelle spent her childhood at camp Owaissi making amazing memories and friends throughout the summer! Last summer Jenelle worked as assistant cook. Ever since Jenelle was little she dreamed of working at camp Owaissi and giving kids the same experiences she got from camp while growing up. Jenelle loves crafts and hands on activities. Jenelle is tie-dye ready and excited to be spending this summer in the craft hut as Arts and crafts leader!

This is Kylie’s second summer at Camp Owaissi but this time as a part of Kitchen and Programming. In her spare time she loves taking photos, singing, and playing piano. Kylie is very excited to be back making more memories this summer!

Madi is excited to share her fourth summer at camp owaissi as a Cabin leader. You can usually find Madi  sharing silly stories with her campers, making friendship bracelets, or singing loud and proud around the campfire! Madi is very crafty, in her free time she likes to surround herself with animals, spend time with friends, blow bubbles and DIY all sorts of stuff.  Madi love plants, sloths and Busting a move now and then but most of all madi loves camp and hopes you will love camp owaissi as much as she does. She looks forward to seeing you there.

Sophie is coming back to camp for her 10th summer in a row and is thrilled to be spending another year as a cabin leader. At camp, she can most likely be found playing games on the field or singing songs around the camp fire. In her free time, Sophie loves to paint, spend time with friends and be outdoors. She looks forward to making tons of new memories at camp this summer.

Sydney is super excited to be joining the team at Camp Owaissi for the first time as a Cabin Leader! Sydney loves spending time outside, going on long hikes, reading books, making up stories and playing lots of crazy drama games. She can’t wait to have an amazing summer at Camp Owaissi and is thrilled to share her excitement and have an awesome time with the campers!

Yazmeen is back as a cabin leader and can’t wait! She loves camp and is stoked to spend another fantastic & fun filled summer here. When she's not reading the kids a bedtime story she can be found stealing jello from the kitchen, splashing in the lake and singing loud and proud at campfire. In her spare time Yazmeen enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with friends and family. Yazmeen is excited to spend some quality time this summer with the campers, she looks forward to making the kids feel at home and to help them have the experience of a lifetime right here at Camp Owaissi!!

Sequoya is so totally excited to be on staff this year as a cabin leader! She’s previously been a camper for three years and was a volunteer last summer. She’s looking forward to meeting lots of new people and making amazingly awesome memories! She loves canoeing, kayaking, going on adventures and lots of dancing!! She’s always down for a good chat and making sure everyone is having just as much fun as she is!!!

Austin has been a vital member of Camp Owaissi for – years and we are excited to have him back as cabin leader! Austin loves to play soccer, get bulls-eyes in archery and start water fights! He is excited to cause more mischief with the campers and sing his heart out at camp! Austin is excited to make memories with campers and staff new and old and make summer 2018 the best one yet!


Ryder has attended camp for 5 years and is looking forward to taking on the role of cabin leader this year at owassi. Some of his favourite activities at camp are swimming, campfire, and of course night games.

Maxim will be returning this summer as a cabin leader. He started attending Camp when he was nine and has loved coming here ever since. In the summer, Maxim spends the majority of his time outside, mainly on the beach playing volleyball. At camp, you will most likely find him on the field playing games or out on the water canoeing to his heart's content. Maxim is stoked and ready to return to camp this summer!

This is Matt's first summer as a cabin leader but has been attending camp for 5 summers now. In his spare time he loves to swim, ski and be outside. His favourite thing to do at camp is play games like kickball and capture the flag. Matt is planning on using his energy and camp experience to help the campers have a blast at camp this summer.


Ethan is coming back to Camp Owaissi this summer not as a junior but a senior cabin leader! Ethan is very excited to spend another amazing year at camp embracing his inner singing voice at campfire and being a kid all summer, he enjoys soccer in the spring and skiing in the winter along with slowly learning how to play piano and hanging out with friends. Ethan is looking forward to seeing new and old campers again at camp this summer.

Jordan is the assistant cook this summer. Camp Owaissi has been her favourite place to be in the summer since she was 8 and she is looking forward to another great season this year. Get ready for some great meals!